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Trained as a behavioral scientist and customer-centricity expert, Andrea helps companies better understand their customers through behavioral economics. She also speaks from the stage, teaching others the art and science of customer understanding.

An avid writer and published author, Andrea is a contributing writer on a spectrum of customer behavior, organizational culture, and leadership topics for Entrepreneur Magazine, Rotman Magazine, and Chief Executive Magazine, to name a few.

She is a 4-time ADDY award winner, a visiting lecturer at the University of Iowa, Director of the Hawkeye Startup Incubator, a TEDx presenter, and TEDx speaker coach.

My behavioral science expertise comes from entrepreneurship, academia, and the corporate world.

Andrea's Backstory

Andrea began her career at a tech startup fresh out of college. Learning on the fly and without a net, she helped build a company from $10k in seed monies to a multi-million dollar organization in only 8 years.

In that time, she learned everything essential to grow a successful business, from sales to coding to accounting. Andrea then moved onto a new role as the first female corporate executive at a $700m global manufacturing company, leading digital strategy, marketing & communications.

Managing 10 business units across 12 countries garnered her the opportunity to study customer behavior across varying cultures. This sparked her focus on research and study in the burgeoning field of behavioral economics.

Over the next 10 years, Andrea continued to expand her education, including at the University of Toronto and the Rochester Institute of Technology, building on her foundation in Psychology and Communications at the University of Iowa.

Founding the first customer-centricity and behavioral economics consulting firm in Iowa, she now works with a wide range of organizations across the financial, insurance, non-profit, and A/C/E industries. Her work has spawned two books, 100+ published articles, and 4 contributing author roles.

She invented the 3W Matrix® methodology for identifying undiscovered needs by studying customer context, motivators, and biases.

Andrea also is the Executive Producer of two TEDx Programs in the midwest, and serves as a speaker coach and consultant for other TEDx programs across the country.

Recent Praise for Andrea

"Very engaging - wish it had been longer. You can't go wrong with this level of authenticity. Thanks for cutting through the bullshit."

"Andrea was the most engaging and entertaining speaker I've heard in my last 5 conferences. She made her points and knowledge digestible and simple!"

"I really loved Andrea and her presentation. Very inspiring, engaging, and useful."

"Absolutely love her personality and training/communication style. Very engaging. Thank you!"

"Thank you for being real & including humor!!"