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Andrea Belk Olson

Behavioral Scientist, Author, Speaker, Consultant - Helping companies uncover clever, intuitive, and compelling ways to differentiate and have customers (and employees) love you for it.



Behavioral Scientist.
Differentiation Expert.
Change Agent.

Trained as a behavioral scientist, differentiation strategist, and customer-centricity expert, she teaches executives the art and science of strategic differentiation through understanding customer and organizational behavior.

Andrea is the author of What to Ask: How to Learn What Customers Need but Don’t Tell You and an ongoing contributor to multiple major publications including Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, INC Magazine, and Rotman Business Magazine (University of Toronto). She is also a world traveler, having worked in over 12worked in over 12 different countries throughout her early career. Andrea also serves as an instructor for the University of Iowa Venture School, and a Business Coach for their Tippie College of Business Entrepreneurial Programs.

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Whether in breakouts or ballrooms, Andrea knows how to change perceptions so people change their behaviors, and mixes in a lot of humor at the same time. A genuine, brutally-honest, dynamic, and action-driven public speaker, she delivers 25+ keynote speeches a year and lectures at the University of Iowa. Delivering candid practicality, Andrea believes it's all about giving a presentation that people connect with and can utilize immediately. The high-level topics Andrea consistently covers includes:

  • Differentiation + Strategy
  • Customer Centricity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Organizational Change
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Actionable Insights That Are Truly Useful.

Sick of fluffy, theoretical ideas? Seeking insights that you can take and immediately apply to your company and team? Andrea delivers the unfettered candor you're seeking.

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